Donation Needs

Current Situation

They need your help!

Dear family in the Lord.  After praying and asking for the Lord´s guidance I felt in my heart to let you know some of the needs we have to meet for our kids in the following days.  We ask you to consider these needs, pray about them and if you have any opportunity to help we will appreciate it very much.  Maybe you know someone who will take this opportunity to help us in our task of impacting the lives of our children at Nuevo Reto. 

  • Sheyla, just arrived today.  She is already at a Christian Private School.  Due to the late start for her school year only a private school will help.  The principal of the school agreed to wait until the provision comes to charge for the school registration and uniforms.   $200.00
  • Francisco urgently needs a laptop computer to do his homework, he is in the last year of Highschool and most of his major homework must be done by computer.   $800.00 He is also waiting for his school uniform $150.00
  • Vivian is also at her last year of High School.  She is in need to pay for her bill for books and uniforms $200.00.  She is also in great need for a lap top computer.  $800.00
  • Xeny, Omar and Susana.  They are siblins.  They did arrive to Nuevo Reto in January 2011. They are in urgent need to pay for the bills for tuitions, uniforms and books.  They also need to get school shoes.  $500.00

Other urgent needs:

  • Electric water heater for Second phase $50.00
  • Gas water heater for First phase $450.00
  • Professional blender for First phase $550.00
  • Due to new government requirements, we need to hire a lawyer to help with paper work.     $800.00
  • Staff salaries for January and February $1,500.00
  • Sister Rosy needs to get surgery at the end of February.  National hospitals can’t help her, she needs to go to a private hospital $800.00
  • Due to the last two robberies in our church in less of two weeks, we needed to contract a metal worker to make a double door, doors and locks.  $2,000.00

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to trust our Lord to meet our needs.

In His service, 
Rev. Jacobo Castillo

General Needs

  • Any financial donation will be very much appreciated.
  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • School supplies
  • Household appliances are continuously needed.

Financial Donations
If you would like to donate money please send your Tax Deductible Contributions to:

Northside Fellowship
6841 Freeman Road
Westerville, Ohio 43082

(Please mark the check: For Nuevo Reto, Guatemala)
(We do not recommend sending checks or cash to our field address, they can get lost or stolen)

We are in need of a 4 cylinderl, standard transmission pick up truck.
(Due to the continuous increases in the gasoline prices, we cannot use 8 cylinder vehicles.)