Nuevo Reto Vision

Nuevo Reto (New Challenge) is a Christian ministry to reach the street children in Guatemala. Founded in 1991 with the vision of rescuing kids from the streets and helping them to grow in a Christian family atmosphere and in an environment where they can feel safe. Nuevo Reto is an effort of Templo de la Gloria, to minister to some of the most needy of Guatemala, especially the children that for various reasons have become abandoned in the streets.

Our Inspiration:

To offer hope to the unfortunate children wandering in the streets. For some of them it is due to lack of parental attention, others have been orphaned, and others have run away from abusive home environments. All of these children are left unprotected to face a world full of violence and crime in the streets where many of them have lost their lives.

Our Mission:

  • To rescue children who survive by begging in the streets, in an environment where they are exposed to drug addiction and other dangerous consequences.
  • To help to reestablish their lives based on the Biblical Principals of love and concern for others.
  • To provide adequate nourishment and formal education.
  • To show the love of Jesus in their lives, preparing them to become men and women who will live their lives according to the will of God.