Our mission is not only providing housing, formal education, feeding, medical attention, counseling, clothing, and any other needs they may have. Our goal it to keep a family atmosphere where our kids can grow safe and secure.

  • Feeding: We do our best to provide a nutritious and healthy meal every day.
  • Clothing: By the grace of God and the support of our friends, kids at Nuevo Reto dress nice and clean
  • Counseling: Our staff, committed christian leaders, pay special attention to daily counseling needs of the kids. Profesional help is provided in special situations when needed.
  • Spiritual guidance: Attending church, serving as leaders of The Children´s Church, ministering at the worship ministry and other areas in our church give our kids a good opportunity to grow in their walk with the Lord.
  • Schooling: We put every effort to keep our kids attending a private Christian school nearby the ministry.
  • Medical care: We have been able to use private doctors and hospitals for most of the medical needs of the kids.
  • Job training: Older boys after age 12, are encouraged to get some skills in carpentry, metal shop and auto-mechanic alongside their formal education. The purpose is to help them when they graduate they will also have some skills in the area of their choice. We have seen the benefit of the approach with our boys.
  • Household training: Older girls are encouraged to help and learn at home tasks as, cleaning, watching smaller kids or some “cooking” in the kitchen.
  • Leadership training: Both boys and girls after twelve are involved in our school of leadership to catch the vision of service and production.