Why we do what we do

I grew up in a background of extreme poverty. I know by personal experience what it means to go to bed hungry. If not for the grace of God and the compassion of people who helped me, I could not be what I am. I was blessed by others and I understand it was a way for God to teach me about compassion. They paid for my schooling, gave some clothes, shoes, etc. So now, I just want to bless as I have been blessed.

All of these years, the Lord has brought next to us compassionate people, people who give without expecting to get anything back. They love and support us and challenge us to just keep doing the work for the glory of God.

I know by the Word of God that real love for God means to love your brother. God cares for the poor. He cares for the outcast. ( Lam. 2:19) So, we just want to be obedient and follow our Master´s example of love and compassion for others.

How can we close our eyes to the need of those kids living in the streets? (5,000 kids according to some statistics). It breaks our hearts when we walk the streets of our country and see many kids sleeping in the streets. Kids having drugs instead of attending the school or been taken care of. How can we neglect the need of many kids who wonder in the streets and do not have a family, friends or a pastor? But, the greater challenge: Those kids with us. Those kids who are now writing a different story in their lives: Heydy, Luis, Francisco, Guillermo, and many others kids. They are a good reason to keep believing that it is possible to reach the street children. When we see them attending school, serving the Lord at the worship team in our church, or teaching the Word of God to other kids. That is the best reason to just keep working harder and with excitement.

How can we stop now, when we have so many tools to work! How can we stop now, when we can give the opportunity to many kids and tell them the good news: THERE IS HOPE FOR THEIR LIVES!