Lost & Forgotten

Guatemala is nation blessed by God with land, beautiful rivers, lakes and mountains and an abundant production of vegetables, grains, and other goods. With at least 18,000 established Christian churches and ministries, we still face the reality of having at least 5,000 kids living in the streets. Thousands of kids do not attend school because they have to work helping their parents and in the worst cases, working in very dangerous jobs like the making of fire works (many have been injured so badly when the powder has ignited).

Many kids survive by collecting from the garbage dump in the city “some treasures” to sell or “some food to eat”. When you walk though the streets of Guatemala day or night, you can find many kids, boys and girls wondering in the streets. Some keep begging for food or clothes, others simply beg for love and attention. Sniffing glue or paint thinner and using other drugs such as crack are part of the reality of the street children. Many kids are used by street adults to beg for money or to participate in violence. Sadly, because of poverty and of lack of opportunities in the fields, many families come to the city trying to get a better life and when the fail their kids end up in the streets.