Computer Room and Library
We already have some computer monitors for our computer project. The purpose is to teach our kids some computer skills.

The Library has some books but we still need some specific books for the 6 – 9 grades.

Second phase
Boys and Girls older than twelve are transferred to the Second Phase program that offers continuity for the students until the age of 18. They will not be thrown out just because they reach the adult age. They are encouraged to finish their formal education until they graduate from College. 

The Second Phase program includes formal education, vocational training and support towards independence.

We already have a piece of property with some construction to be used for the Second Phase (boys), located 5 blocks from the actual building (First Phase). This construction project is designed to provide a separated room for each boy so they will be able to have their own space and privacy. It will be a complex of 16 rooms and have all of the commodities of a house.

The cost of this construction project is $90,000.00

Church building
Our church building, (200 chairs) is about 50% complete. We only need $20,000.00 toward completion. 80% of surrounding walls are finished. Roof, finishing on the walls, tile and bathrooms and office are left.  

Children’s Church Building
The Lord has blessed Glory Chapel Kids with its own property. We are planning to build a three story building which will enable us to host our children by ages in different classrooms and a multi-purpose area.  

Crisis Center
We keep praying and looking for opportunities to have a Crisis Center – a ministry to offer meals, clothes, beds and evangelism opportunities for kids wandering in the streets.