Our Needs

The Lord has blessed us with a beautiful building with capacity for 40 kids, boys and girls under the age of twelve. We are committed to work with the kids and help them with all of our heart. We appreciate the partnership of those already supporting us on a monthly base. In order to open the doors for at least 25 more kids we need to raise $5,000.00 for our ongoing monthly budget.

It will take only 25 churches blessing us with $100.00 monthly or 200 individuals donating $25.00 a month to cover the needed budget.


Our Library is in need of specific books for the 6th to the 12th grades.

Computer Room

We need 6 computers, printers and desks for our Computer Room

A copy machine will help a lot for our educational program.

Construction Projects

Even though we have completed the construction of the building for the First Phase (boys and girls under the age of twelve); we are in need of building the Second Phase building.

Our church building is about 90% complete.

We need Construction Teams who will come to bless us with their labor of love.


Our Educational Program includes, alongside with formal education, teaching English as a second language and computer skills. Volunteers are welcome to be a part of this program.